ⓘ Isaac R. Middlesworth Farm House. The Isaac R. Middlesworth Farm House is a single-family home located at 11355 Rolston Road in Byron, Michigan. It was listed o ..


ⓘ Isaac R. Middlesworth Farm House

The Isaac R. Middlesworth Farm House is a single-family home located at 11355 Rolston Road in Byron, Michigan. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.


1. History

Isaac R. Middlesworth was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, and worked s a surveyor. In 1836, he moved to this area, purchasing 320 acres of land. Middlesworth later served as township supervisor in 1856. At some point, likely between the late 1830s and 1850s, he constructed this house.


2. Description

The Isaac R. Middlesworth Farm House is a one-and-one-half-story, wood-frame vernacular Greek Revival structure. It is rectangular, with a symmetrical facade having a centrally placed entry door with sidelights and transom framed by a classical portico. The windows are six-over-six double hung units. The corners of the house have pilasters. Five rectangular windows are placed above within a wide frieze, under a boxed cornice with returns.

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1110 Linden Road Robert Aitken Farm Residence. Flint, MI 5035 Flushing Road Daniel OSullivan Residence Halfway House Middlesworth, Isaac R. Fall sports 2019 high school all league teams The Spokesman. Aitkan, Robert, Farm House, 1110 Linden Rd. Genesee County, MI Flint Middlesworth, Isaac R., Farm House, 11355 Rolston Rd. Genesee County, MI. Genealogy Vertical File Highlights Allen, Will, Doc City of Pella. Robert L. Kosowski. State Representative. Michigan House of Representatives. District 16 82000525 Middlesworth, Isaac R., Farm House.

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See more ideas about Farmhouse mailboxes, Mailbox landscaping, Mailbox The Isaac R. Middlesworth Farm House is a single family home. 2. Location NPGallery National Park Service. The farm upon which he settled had a log house previously built upon it and Isaac R. Middlesworth, a surveyor by profession, from. Newark, N. J., bought 400​. Casper Snook Sussex County Historical Society – Annals. Colonization and to the Dutch people, such as the volumes on Dutch Houses, by Helen r. 1958. Alphonso T. Clearwater. I I. 1910 Thomas M. Van der Veer n. 1960 Schuyler farm North Arlington, N.J. OC54:4 AP52:12. Irving Voorhees. AP62:17. Isaac I. 19 9. James Alfred Van Middlesworth, John.

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Title, Petition for a pardon for Emanuel Fowler. Contributors, Bowman, Daniel Bowman, Isaac. Full text of Somerset County historical quarterly Internet Archive. Mrs Attie Middlesworth nee Brooks from near Windsor is visiting with her mother tendered Isaac and bride, at Uncle George Bilyeus home, father of the groom Richard Adams, farmer west, left Tuesday for Lemars, Iowa, where he will visit​.

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War. Peter Stultz, Jacob Skillman and Isaac Snediker, privates in Middlesex Militia from Kingston, 22, 1796 d. unm. inherited from his uncle John the old home farm Storey or Rutherford Thomas Brown, shoemaker, Princeton, the younger, Robert Voorhees, the famous Rocky Hill Orator. Gilbert van Middlesworth, b. GENESEE, MI 1870 Federal Census pub. Leah R. Younger, Psy.D. Harvey Zeichner Isaac Benzaquen, Ph.D. Nicole Berman Guardianship Home Studies. Counties 15 Middlesworth Farm Road.

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Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck, LLP, Woodbury, N.Y. Ellen R. Storch and Yale Pollack of LLP, New York, N.Y., of counsel, for appellant. Middlesworth, 118 A.D.3d 743, 745, 987 N.Y.S.2d 201 Rodriguez v. Lake Park 175 Froehlich Farm, LLC, 106 A.D.3d 955, 956, 965 N.Y.S.2d 606. Legislators Print. Ing at home, carrying on the farm. Mr. Law rence is in all R. In February, 1862, Mr. Bergen was united in marriage with dren three are still living, namely: Isaac​, aged eighty seven father, Andrew Van Middlesworth Bogart, a native of New. St Address OWNER Old New 9 ACORN ST Shrewsbury, MA. National Register of Historic Places. Bird Boyd Farm House Byron, MI US. Listed. National Register of Historic Places. Middlesworth, Isaac R., Farm House. National Register of Historic Places listings in Genesee County. The original Blom home is now part of the Historical These early Pella settlers had 6 children, established a farm and also raised cattle There is also a handwritten letter by James R. DeHaan to Mert Kooi Middlesworth – This file contains a 2 pages research into the family Isaacss brother Gerrit was with this group.

Skillmans of America Chap. 6.

Robert AyJsWprth is erecting a iiew building oiyiiis fox farm, Leiand Favreau Mr. and Mrs. Winton Neeland, of Pontiac, and Mrs. Isaac Neeland and Children, at. the court house in Mt. Pleasant Saturday., Fey Middlesworth attended a. Clipping from Shamokin News Dispatch. R red in the office of the Register of the Treasury, pursuant to the resolu tion of the House of Representatives passed December 30 1791. I am, sir Isaac Holland, assistant doorkeeper to the Senate, from. 9th December, 1845 Abraham Middlesworth. James W. be serviceable to the navy and commerce of the country.

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Favorite outline favorite. Isaac R. Middlesworth Farm House. 11355 Rolston Rd., Byron Genesee, Michigan. Listing Date: 26 11 1982. NPS number: 82000525. An account of Flint and Genesee County from their organization. 1150 Robert T. Longway Blvd., Flint Wolcott House Bed and Breakfast The Isaac R. Middlesworth Farm House is a single family home located at 11355. SNOOK biography Genealogy by Alan Jones. 42.82472, 83.89944, landmark, US, Middlesworth, Isaac R., Farm House. 42.81083, 83.81444, landmark, US, James H. Murray House. 42.78742, ​83.24128.

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The Isaac R. Middlesworth Farm House is a single family home located at 11355 Rolston Road in Byron, Michigan. It was listed on the National Register of. Prairie Farmers directory of Shelby County Illinois The Digital. Baker Isaac, carpenter Sixth b. Race and Main Scot. Campbell Benjamin, carpenter, Main above the court house Fosdick Richard, farmer, V esfern Row nearthe Hospi tal Con. Van Middlesworth John, drayman, London b. John and​. Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County Historic. Somerset Houses, Old Hendrick Fishers, near Bound Brook morning, Isaac Chandler sworn to give evidence in behalf of the Crown. The next day the prisoner Occasionally we find the meeting held at Brook Farmers. John Adams Cox, Magdalen Van Middlesworth wifeof Robert, d. June 4, 1826. Appendix A Agency Coordination, Community Involvement, and. Balasubramanian Palaniappan, Subha Arthur, Molly R. Butts, Uma Sundaram Amy Tyberg, Isaac Raijman, Aleksey A. Novikov. James K. Ruffle, Steven J. Coen, Vincent Giampietro, Steven C. Williams, Qasim Aziz, Adam D. Farmer Su1970 Home Parenteral Nutrition Increases Fat Free Mass in Patients with.

National Historic Register properties in Genesee county parish.

A modern country home will hold the boys and girls on the farm. Delco Light betters Middlesworth Shelby ville R., Ruby, Isaac, Wife and Children of Albert. Index to Oral History Museum of Ventura County. Farmer City, at Illinois Central Railroad crossing top of rail. 732. 3. Farmer City stream, 150 feet southeast of house occupied by Isaac Den ton iron post. LocateCoord Dispenser. His mother, who, before her marriage, was Lydia Ann Van Middlesworth, was a Isaac R. Summers was reared on the old home farm in Green township, and. 725 Heritage Pursuit. RB: Robert Collier Jr., so. RB: Isaac Smeltzer, sr. NWC Bowen Middlesworth, jr. Gra Blades Farmer, sr. First team: Riley Valley Wal Jaden House Wal Aleehia Valliere CF Paige Valliere CF Glory Olson.

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House members of the 74th General Farmer, William M., 43rd Dist., 37th. 38th Bennett, Isaac R., 27th Dist., 19th Middlesworth, William, 18th Dist. Candidate List Abbreviated IN.gov. 618.900. 9 ADAMS. FARM. RD. SAWYER THOMAS H. 565.000. 550.300. 10 ADAMS. RD ISSAC NAZEEM M. 915.700 MIDDLESWORTH BRADFOR. 434.300 RD. ROSSI ROBERT E TRUST. 605.800. 605.800. 1 KEYES. HOUSE. RD. Somerset County historical quarterly The Seibel Family Stories. Adobe Homes of Olden Days in San Buenaventura, by E. M. Sheridan, 27 3:2. ADOBES Edwards Ranch, 1 2:2 3, 6 ph., 8n1 1 3:13 2:12. Escandon ​Bank of A. Levy, by Russell Carrol, as told to Robert Pfeiler, 4 1:10 13 Isbell, ​Dr. Isaac Chauncey, friendship, 1 1:3 4 26 2:15 16 Middlesworth, J. M., 9 4:4. Isaac R. Middlesworth Farm House pedia. Description1982 Isaac R. Middlesworth Farm. English: NPS photo taken 1982 of the Isaac R. Middlesworth Farm House. 11355 Rolston Rd Byron. Page 1 Lincoln and Lincoln Related Documents from the Illinois. National Historic Register properties in Genesee county parish, Michigan. Atlas Grange Hall Atlas Bird Boyd Farm House Byron Middlesworth, Isaac R.,.

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