ⓘ Axford-Coffin Farm. The Axford-Coffin Farm, also known as Cranberry Lake Farm, is a farmstead located at 384-388 West Predmore Road in Oakland Charter Township, ..


ⓘ Axford-Coffin Farm

The Axford-Coffin Farm, also known as Cranberry Lake Farm, is a farmstead located at 384-388 West Predmore Road in Oakland Charter Township, Michigan. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.


1. History

John Axford purchased this farmstead in 1837, and likely constructed the original frame house at some point in the 1840s. Jacob Kline purchased the farm in 1848, and Kline family continued to own it until 1925. During this time, the farm was likely used to raise dairy cows and fowl. The farm went through multiple owners over the next 15 years, including going through foreclosure in 1929-31. In 1939, Detroit businessman and later US Congressman Howard A. Coffin and his wife Abbie purchased the farm and converted it into a country estate.

The Coffins altered and added to the farmstead, creating their estate. It is possible that dairy operations on the farm continued during this time. In 1951, the Coffins sold the property to George H. and Guitenna Williamson. The Williamsons lived in California, and let out the house and farm for a series of uses, including cattle farming, as a group home, house farming, and as a commune.

In 1996, Oakland Charter Township purchased the property, establishing it as "Cranberry Lake Park." The section containing the farmstead was separately designated "Cranberry Lake Farm."


2. Description

Cranberry Lake Farm is a roughly 16.5 acre parcel within the 167 acre Cranberry Lake Park, which encompasses the entirety of the former Coffin farm property. The farmstead is reached by a gravel drive looping from what is now a parking lot around behind the house and back to the road. The site includes the original farmhouse within the gravel drive loop, and four major outbuildings behind it: a caretakers house, greenhouse, carriage house, and springhouse. Behind these are two more small outbuildings, and to the west are a silo and the remains of a barn.

The house is a Greek Revival structure, originally built in the 1840s and modernized in the 1930s and 40s. It was originally an upright-and-wing form, and various additions have expanded its footprint. It has a fieldstone foundation, fieldstone chimneys, and wood clapboard siding.

Page 3 Pontiac Weekly Bill Poster, 1 March 1882 Michigan.

This complex of buildings began as the farmstead of John Axford, who built the Greek Revival house during the 1840s. Farmer Jacob Kline. Historical collections. Collections and American Memory. Axford Coffin Farm Historical Marker, 42.784722, 83.145833, Lake Orion. Bagley Inn Historical Marker, 42.5832633, 83.2485446, Birmingham. Bald Mountain.

Cranberry Lake Farm Moves to its Next Life With Video.

Axford Coffin Farm Historical Marker: maps, driving directions and local area information. Category: Michigan physical, cultural and historic features Feature. Colorado Public Radio Amazon AWS. The Axford Coffin Farm Also known as Cranberry Lake Farm. Location: 384 388 West Predmore Road, Oakland Charter Township, Michigan. Seneca Valley Virus 2C and 3Cpro Induce Apoptosis via. Scripps Miramar Ranch Maintenance Assessment District. Preamble. $163.72. Axford 2002 Trust 08 14 02 $163.72. Coffin Tyler&Divina. Music in the Meadows and More Around Oakland Township This. Outside view of the Axford Coffin Farmhouse. Oakland Township is polishing the crown jewel of historic Cranberry Lake Farm, its 1840 Greek. STATE HISTORIC PRESERVATION REVIEW State of Michigan. Axford Coffin Farm This complex of buildings began as the farmstead of John Axford, who built the Greek Revival house during the 1840s.


Hannah married Jonathan Axford, and the landing was thereafter even as late The 1877 Hopkins, Delaware Township shows the Ballinger farm and residence. was pictured and referred to as Haddon Mill in 1830 in The Casket published Следующая Войти Настройки. Farmstead Architecture by Tammis Donaldson Haiku Deck. Cancers Rudin et al., 2011 Burke et al., 2015 Coffin, 2015. Morosky S. A., Delorme Axford E., Dybdahl Sissoko N., Oberste M. S., Wang. Historic District Commission Charter Township of Oakland. See the FREE topo map of Axford Coffin Farm Historical Marker a Park in Oakland County Michigan on the Lake Orion USGS quad map. Michigan List View U.S. National Park Service. Foglers Orchard and Farm Market sits roadside, in Summer you can this particular property was the farmstead of John Axford, he built the Greek Revival In 1939 Detroiter Howard Coffin, an oil company executive and US.

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French Farms or Private Claims. The Melcher Farm Church. N. D. Stebbins, S. B. Thayer, S. M. Axford, Rufus Brown, D. Day, E. Kane, A. B. Palmer, L. C. Rose, In 1855, when Cass Street was being paved, many coffins were dug up, and. Book07 1915 01 Brown County. Podjun, John and Katharine Tunkun, Farm. 9581 E 1 mi. Rd., Ellsworth, 02000160. Oakland County. Axford Coffin Farm, 384–388 W. Forages and grazing in horse nutrition EAAP publication No. 132. Axford Coffin Farm Historical Marker, Park, N42.7847°, W83.1458°, 2648752, View Map Bailey Lake, Lake, N42.8051°, W83.2451°, 620451, View Map. Axford Coffin Farm Historical Oakland charter Township MI US. Axford Coffin Farm. This complex of buildings began as the farmstead of John Axford who built the Greek Revival house during the 1840s. Farmer Jacob Kline.

Cranberry Lake Farm Historic District detroitdvotion.

\TrAXTTED To oxcluinao a liotol at Com WvwercSfor Mmall farm. Axford, Stookwell & Co., the live dry goods dealers, are among the first in the market with My stock is large and complete in every style of coffin or casket, which will bo. Park USGS placenames in Oakland County, Michigan. Austin Bergstrom International Airport Austin Magie Farm and Mill Historic District Axe Factory Hollow Axe Island Axford Coffin Farm Historical Marker. Lakeville Auxillary Hall Historical Marker. Singing of Enos White, a carter at Axford in Hamnshire. who was aged seventv at. 1 The ballad Ed. by MacEdward Leach and Tristram P. Coffin. Carbondale whole of his working life, working on the farms in the immediate sur roundings. The history of Detroit and Michigan UM Library Digital Collections. TBT: The Axford Coffin Farm, aka Cranberry Lake Farm, located @ 384 388 West Predmore Rd. in Oakland Charter Twp. John Axford purchased the farmstead.

Axford Coffin Farm Historical Marker in Oakland County, MI.

Steve Coffin and Patty Shwayder Coffin. Rich and Terri Rita Axford and Gary Grunwald. Dr. Joyce Doris Stipech State Farm® Insurance Agent. Elements. Cranberry Lake Township Park Outdoor Michigan. The Historic District Commission promotes Cranberry Lake Farm for enjoyment and education through voter approved preservation millage funds, which. Open Space & Recreation Plan Cherry Hill Township. Axford - Coffin Farm added 2002 - 02000159. Also known as Cranberry Lake Farm. 384 388 W. Predmore Rd., Oakland Township. Historic Significance.

Axford Coffin Farm Historical Marker.

The Axford Coffin farm, a nationally recognized historical farmstead of 10 structures dating back to the 1840s, is located in Cranberry Lake Park. File:Axford Coffin Farm Oakland County MI.jpg media Commons. Farm grazing management with horsesin two French grassland regions: Normandy and. Auvergne. 209 leads to the destruction of the lamellar structure​, and the separation from the coffin bone. In: Givens, D.I., E. Owen, R.F.E. Axford and. Can We Achieve Sustainability While Ignoring Equality? by Craig. This complex of buildings began as the farmstead of John Axford The Coffins sold the farm in 1951 and subsequent owners rented it out.

Axford Coffin Farm Oakland County, MI Foursquare.

The farm was demolished in 2008 and the property redeveloped into Fuerst Park. 42.4650000, 83.4933330. Map, 24000 Taft Rd. Novi, MI. 39859, Axford - Coffin. TBT: The Axford Coffin Farm, aka The AMF Group Inc Facebook. Free printable topographic map of Axford Coffin Farm Historical Marker in Oakland County, MI including photos, elevation & GPS coordinates. Annual report of the Commissioner of Banks for the year ending. Axford Coffin Farm. 02002 03 15March 15, 2002, 384 388 W. Predmore Rd. 9, Brooks Farm. Brooks Farm. 01972 03 16March 16, 1972, 3521 Big Beaver Rd.

Axford Coffin Farm Historical Marker Map Oakland County.

May 3, 2016 Axford Coffin Farm in Oakland County, Michigan. looking for a way to shop healthier, you may be interested in shopping local farmers markets. Commercial Concrete Services Culverts Clarkston, MI. Axford Coffin Farm Historical Marker is a park in Oakland County and has an elevation of 961 feet. Axford Coffin Farm Historical Marker is situated southwest of. Interesting Historic Places In Oakland County Michigan The. 6, Axford Coffin Farm. March 15, 2002 02000159 10, Brooks Farm More images. March 16, 1972 49, Milford Rural Agricultural School. January 22, 1992. Cranberry Lake Farm Historic District Oakland Township Historical. Farmers Automotive And Machinery C. Bay City, MI. Historic Preservation Loeb Farm Barn Complex. Charlevoix, MI Axford - Coffin Farm. Oakland Township.

Federal Register Vol. 67, No. 30 Wednesday, February 13, 2002.

This complex of buildings began as the farmstead of John Axford, who built the Greek Revival house during the 1840s. Farmer Jacob Kline purchased it in 1848,​. Impacts of feral horses in the Australian Alps and evidence‐based. Springhouse Farm 510.02 1, Springdale Road, 44.1 acres. 7. Willow Coffin House. 1951 Berlin 83 Clemenz Axford Landing. Forks of. John Axford Waiting For Next Year. Man that was a long winter…Well it is essentially still going on here in Northeast Ohio, but the sun is shining here today and a smile Do you like it?. Axford Coffin Farm Michigan Historical Markers on. Axford Coffin Farm. Stars. Given the COVID 19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing. Foursquare logo. See what.

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