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Chah Varz Rural District

Chah Varz Rural District is a rural district in Chah Varz District, Lamerd County, Fars Province, Iran. The rural district has 4 villages. statistics in 2011: 4301 citizens and 6788 citizens of Chah Varz district population. Chah Varz is about 35 ...


Khosrowshirin is a village situated in the northern stretches of Fars Province near the southern borders of Isfahan. The village enjoys a cold climate and the average rainfall in the area is about 400 millimeters per year.


Fedagh is one of the villages of Gerash rural district in Gerash county in Fars province in Iran. The people of Fedagh are Achomi, of Aryan Persian ethnic origins and of Zoroastrian religious background, who converted to Islam around the 11th cen ...

Sowmeeh Sara County

Sowmeeh Sara County is a county in Gilan Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Sowmeeh Sara. This county is located in the west of Gilan and is surrounded by Fuman County, Masal County and Bandar-e Anzali County. At the 2006 census, the ...

Talesh County

The county is subdivided into four districts: the Central District, Asalem District, Haviq District, and Kargan Rud District. The county has five cities: Hashtpar, Lisar, Asalem, Chubar, and Haviq. At the 2006 census, the countys population was 2 ...

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