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Gaskells cattleya

Cattleya gaskelliana is a labiate Cattleya species of orchid. The diploid chromosome number of C. gaskelliana has been determined as 2 n = 40.

Greece at the Mediterranean Games

Greece has competed at every celebration of the Mediterranean Games since the 1951 Mediterranean Games. As of 2018, Greek athletes have won a total of 778 medals. The countrys ranking in the history of the Games is the 6th place.


Hygrophila auriculata is a herbaceous, medicinal plant in the acanthus family that grows in marshy places and is native to tropical Asia and Africa. In India it is commonly known as kokilaksha or gokulakanta, in Sri Lanka as neeramulli. In Kerala ...

Dub Stars Football and Hurling Challenge

The Dubs Star Football and Hurling Challenge is an annual exhibition match played on New Years Day between Dublin and a select Dub Stars team in both codes of Gaelic football and hurling.

Gaelic games in County Kildare

Gaelic games are the traditional Irish sports of Gaelic football, ladies Gaelic football, hurling, camogie, Gaelic handball and rounders. This page gives an overview of Gaelic games in County Kildare.

Italy at the Mediterranean Games

Italy has competed at every celebration of the Mediterranean Games since the 1951 Mediterranean Games. As of 2013, the Italian athletes have won a total of 2147 medals as the games record.

Golden feather grass

It is 40–100 centimetres 16–39 in high while its eciliate membrane is 5–7 millimetres 0.20–0.28 in long. It leaf-blades are erect, conduplicated, and sometimes ascend. They are 20–40 centimetres 7.9–15.7 in long and are 1–1.5 millimetres 0.039–0. ...

List of Uruguayan footballers in Serie A

The list of Uruguayan footballers in Serie A records the association football players from Uruguay who have appeared at least once for a team in the Italian Serie A. Entries in bold denote players still active in actual season.

Granite petrophile

Petrophile biloba, the granite petrophile, is a perennial species of shrub in the plant genus Petrophile. It is endemic to south-west Western Australia and produces pink to white flowers, typically between June and October.

Liechtenstein at the European Games

Liechtenstein participated at the inaugural edition of the European Games in 2015. However, Liechtenstein was one of the eight nations that failed to win a medal at the European Games.

Montenegro at the Mediterranean Games

Montenegro participated at 2009 Mediterranean Games, for the first time after the separation of Serbia and Montenegro. As of 2018, Montenegrin athletes have won a total of 15 medals under their flag.

North Macedonia at the Paralympics

North Macedonia, following its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, made its Paralympic Games debut at the 1996 Summer Paralympics in Atlanta, where it sent a single athlete to compete in shooting. The country has competed in every subsequent ed ...

Granite serpentweed

Tonestus graniticus, common names granite serpentweed and Lone Mountain serpentweed, is a rare endemic plant species known only from the east side of Lone Mountain in Esmeralda County, Nevada, about 20 km west of Tonopah. It grows there in the cr ...

Golden fuschia

Deppea splendens, or alternately Csapodya splendens, the golden fuchsia is an extinct in the wild species after its habitat was cleared for farmland. It ranges from 12–15 feet tall appearing as a small tree or large shrub. It was once native to C ...

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