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Inishmeane is a small island and a townland off the coast of Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland and was once home to a vibrant fishing community. The island has been unpopulated for decades but in recent years some people have started to return.


Inishsirrer is around 1 kilometre 0.6 miles off the coast of Gweedore, not faraway from Inishmeane. It is around 1.6 kilometres 1.0 mile long and four hundred metres 1.300 feet wide. Near the northern tip of the island there is a sandy bay that c ...


Lympne, formerly also Lymne, is a village on the former shallow-gradient sea cliffs above the expansive agricultural plain of Romney Marsh in Kent. The settlement forms an L shape stretching from Port Lympne Zoo via Lympne Castle facing Lympne In ...


Wychbold is a village in the Wychavon district of Worcestershire. The village is situated on the A38 between Droitwich Spa and Bromsgrove, and by Junction 5 of the M5 motorway. The first records of Wychbold suggest that it was of great importance ...

Winfrith (bishop)

Winfrith was a medieval Bishop of Lichfield. Winfrith was consecrated in 672 and deprived of his see between 672 and 676. He was deposed by Archbishop Theodore of Canterbury for disobedience.

Heathored of Whithorn

Heathored of Whithorn is sometimes given as the Northumbrian Bishop of Whithorn, following the demise of Bishop Beadwulf. He is possibly the last known Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Whithorn. His name occurs for the last time around 833; no other bishop ...

Ælfhelm of Dorchester

Ælfhelm was a medieval Bishop of Dorchester, when the town was seat of the united dioceses of Lindsey and Dorchester. Ælfhelm was consecrated in 1002 and died between 1007 and 1009.


Ætla, who lived in the 7th century, is believed to be one of many Bishops of Dorchester during the Anglo-Saxon period. The village of Attlebridge, Norfolk is named after him, as he is credited for the construction of a bridge there. Ætla was atte ...

Leofwine (bishop of Lindsey)

Leofwine was a medieval Bishop of Lindsey. Leofwine was consecrated about 953 and died sometime after. This was a reconstitution of the see after a break in the succession since the death of Burgheard or perhaps Eadberht in the previous century. ...

Ulfus Normanus

Ulfus Normanus was a medieval Bishop of Dorchester, when the town was seat of the united dioceses of Lindsey and Dorchester. Ulf was consecrated in 1049 and was expelled on 14 September 1052.

Morgan (bishop)

Morgan was a medieval Bishop-elect of Durham. Morgan was an illegitimate son of King Henry II of England and Nesta, daughter of Iorwerth ab Owain, Lord of Caerleon. Nesta was married to Sir Ralph Bloet, who raised Morgan as his son. The date of h ...

William Scot

William Scot was a medieval Bishop of Durham-elect. Scot was Archdeacon of Worcester in December 1218. He was elected to the see of Durham before 20 October 1226 but the election was quashed by Pope Gregory IX on 19 May 1227. He died about 1242 o ...

Æthelmær of Elmham

Æthelmaer was the brother of Stigand, Archbishop of Canterbury. He was consecrated in 1047 and deprived of office circa 11 April 1070 by Ermenfrid, bishop of Sion, who was the papal legate to England.

Ælfric (bishop of Hereford)

Ælfric was a medieval Bishop of Hereford. He was consecrated in either 934 or between 937 and 940 and died either between 949 and 958 or in 971.

Michael (bishop elect)

Michael was a medieval Bishop of Hereford elect. He was a canon of Lichfield Cathedral before being elected by the cathedral chapter of Hereford Cathedral to succeed Ralph de Maidstone, but the election was quashed in August 1240.

Thomas Spofford

Thomas Spofford was a medieval Bishop of Hereford. He was nominated on 18 November 1421 and consecrated on 24 May 1422. He resigned his see about 4 December 1448.

Tidfrith of Hexham

Tidfrith or Tidferth was an early 9th-century Northumbrian prelate. Said to have died on his way to Rome, he is the last known Anglo-Saxon bishop of Hexham. This bishopric, like the bishopric of Whithorn, probably ceased to exist, and was probabl ...


Trumbert was educated at Lastingham by Chad, and was a teacher of Bede. He was the bishop of the see of Hexham from 681 until he was deposed in 684 and was succeeded by Eata. He had previously been a monk at Ripon under Wilfrid. After his deposit ...


Ceobred was a medieval Bishop of Leicester. Ceobred was consecrated between December 840 and 844. He died between 869 and 888. In 844, he gave land at Pangbourne on the Thames River to Berhtwulf, king of Mercia, in return for a grant of liberties ...


Unwona was a medieval Bishop of Leicester. Unwona was consecrated between 781 and 785. He died between 801 and 803. Unwona appears as a witness to records of ecclesiastical councils and Mercian royal charters twenty times between 785 and around 8 ...


Burgheard was a medieval Bishop of Lindsey. Burgheard is known from one charter, which he witnessed as bishop in 869. The charter does not identify of where he was bishop, so it is possible that Eadberht, who also signed the charter, may have bee ...

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