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Tual, Maluku

Tual is a city in Maluku Province of Indonesia. The city, called Kota Tual in Indonesian, is within the Kei Islands, on Dullah Island, but since 2007 has been administratively separate from the rest of the Kei Islands, which form the Southeast Ma ...

Galela (city)

Galela, is a small town on the eastern Indonesian island of Halmahera. It is located in the North Halmahera Regency, part of the province of North Maluku. Views of Mount Tarakani can be seen from the scenic coast. Galelarese constitutes an offici ...


Lahewa, also Lahia, is a village and sub-district of North Nias Regency on Nias Island, in the North Sumatra province of Sumatra, Indonesia. Forming part of the northwestern coast of Nias Island, in 2001 the sub-district had a population of 26.54 ...

Tanjungbalai (city)

Tanjungbalai, formerly known as Tanjungbalai-Asahan is a city in North Sumatra province, Indonesia, on the estuary of the Asahan River. It has an area of 107.8 square kilometers and the sixth largest kota population in North Sumatra with 154.426 ...

Sungai Durian, Kotabaru

Sungai Durian, or "Durian River", is a district of Kotabaru Regency in the province of South Kalimantan, Indonesia. The population is entirely rural.

Sungai Durian, Tabalong

Sungai Durian, or "Durian River", also called Sei Durian is a village in the district of Banua Lawas, Tabalong Regency in the province of South Kalimantan, Indonesia. The village had 837 inhabitants as of the 2010 census.

Tanjung, Tabalong

Tanjung, or also commonly known as Tanjung Tabalong, is a district and the capital of Tabalong Regency in the Indonesian province of South Kalimantan.

Malino, Indonesia

Malino is a small hill town in the Gowa district of South Sulawesi, 90 km from Makassar. It is a popular getaway famous for its tropical flowers. Malino has mountains are very rich with limestone scenery and pine. Various kinds of beautiful tropi ...


Sungguminasa is a town and Gowa Regencys administrative capital in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. It is home to the Balla Lompoa Museum, a reconstruction of the Gowa royal palace. The building is constructed on stilts and made of ironwood.


Beji is a district in Depok, West Java, Indonesia, within Jakarta metropolitan area. University of Indonesia, Gunadarma University and Bina Sarana Informatika are located in this area.


Cimahi is a city located west of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia in the Bandung Metropolitan Area. The city is a major textile producer, and is home to several military training centers.

Paledang, Bogor

Paledang is one of the areas in Central Bogor District, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. It encompasses the Bogor Botanical Gardens and Istana, plus a bustling urban area to the west between the Gardens and the river. Bogor Paledang railway station s ...


Tasikmalaya is a city in West Java, Indonesia. The city is sometimes dubbed "the City of a Thousand Pesantrens" for its abundance of Islamic boarding schools. Located around 120 kilometres southeast from the provincial capital of Bandung, Tasikma ...


Pemangkat is a coastal town in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. It is located in the northwest of the provincial capital Pontianak.


Singkawang or San Khew Jong in Hakka, is a city located in the province of West Kalimantan, on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. It is located at about 145 km north of Pontianak, the provincial capital, and is surrounded by the Pasi, Poteng, and ...


Ayawasi is a village of about 1.200 people in the Indonesia province of West Papua. It is located in the Ayfat area, north of the Ayamaru Lakes, and it is the site of Ayawasi Airport. The village was established by the Dutch around 1953. Prior to ...

Koor, Indonesia

Koor or Kwoor is a village in West Papua, Indonesia. The village is located in Tambrauw on the northern coast of the Birds Head Peninsula. As of 1994 it was reported to have a population of 589 people.


Saukorem is a coastal village in West Papua, Indonesia, located about 125 km north-northwest of Manokwari. The town is located on the northern coast of the Birds Head Peninsula and administratively it is the principal settlement of Amberbaken sub ...

Alahan Panjang

Alahan Panjang is a village in the kecamatan of Lembah Gumanti, Solok, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The village is located on Kerinci Seblat National Parks eastern slopes, at an altitude of 1.400–1.600 metres, near Mount Talang. Situated between Alah ...

Belimbing, West Sumatra

Belimbing is a small village in the Minangkabau Highlands of West Sumatra, Indonesia. It is famous for its outstanding collection of vernacular architecture, including what is thought to be the oldest surviving example of a rumah gadang tuo, the ...


Pariaman, is a coastal city in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Pariaman has 83.151 inhabitants in 2014, an area of 73.36 km 2 and a 12 km coastline. "Pariaman" means "safe area".


Pariangan is a Minangkabau village located in the regency of Tanah Datar, West Sumatra province, Indonesia. The village is located on the lower slopes of Mount Marapi, a highly active volcano, at a distance of fifteen kilometres from the market t ...


Payakumbuh is the second largest city in West Sumatra province, Indonesia, with a population of 116.825 at the 2010 Census and 127.615 at the 2015 Census; the latest official estimate is 136.837. It covers an area of 80.43 km² and is in the Minan ...

Sungai Durian, Patamuan

The village of Sungai Durian is at an altitude of 25 to 500 metres 82 to 1.640 ft above sea level. It has an area of 11.84 square kilometres 4.57 sq mi. It is bounded to the north by the village of Tandikat, to the west by the villages of Koto Ba ...

Sungai Durian, Payakumbuh

Sungai Durian, or "Durian River", is a village in the district of Lamposi Tigo Nagari, Payakumbuh, in the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia. The village had 2.100 inhabitants as of the 2010 census. In December 2016 Payakumbuh mayor Riza Falepi ...

Sungai Durian, Solok

Sungai Durian, or "Durian River", is a village in the district of IX Koto Sungai Lasi, Solok Regency in the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia. The village had 662 inhabitants as of the 2010 census.


Surantih is a "Nagari" in the Kabupaten District of Pesisir Selatan of West Sumatra province in Sumatra island, Indonesia. Surantih is one of 11 major nagari - out of 37 - in Pesisir Selatan. The other 10 major nagaris are Tarusan, Pasarbaru, Sal ...

Surabaya City Hall

Surabaya City Hall is the administrative center of the city of Surabaya. The building was built by Cosman Citroen in the 1920s. The building is one of the example of 20th century buildings designed in a tropical-conscious climate of Indonesia, th ...

History of Bandung

Bandung is a city in the western part of Java island in Indonesia. Beside its own city administration, Bandung also serves as the capital of the West Java province and the seat of the chief of Bandung regency.

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