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Arlesheim Cathedral

Arlesheim Cathedral is the Roman Catholic Church, which is now the main Church of Arlesheim. From 1679 to 1792 he was in the Church, moved the head of the Cathedral of the diocese of Basel in Basel-land in Northern Switzerland. During the French ...

Church of St. Leodegar (Lucerne)

Church. Leodegar is the Roman Catholic Church in Lucerne, Switzerland. It was built in parts from 1633 to 1639 on the Foundation of the Roman Basilica which had burnt in 1633. This Church was one of the few built North of the Alps during the Thir ...


Ziteil is a Holy pilgrimage site, located at an altitude of 2.429 metres above sea level, between Piz parameter curver and Piz Toissa, in the Canton of graubünden.

Basilica of St. Mary and St. Bartholomew

Basilica. Mary and St. Bartholomew is a Roman Catholic Church in Piekary śląskie, Poland. There was a Church in Piekary śląskie from the fourteenth century. The present Church, designed by Daniel Grotschel Neo-Romanesqe style, was completed in 18 ...

Church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Lodz

Church. Elisabeth in Lodz is a Roman Catholic Church built in the interwar period on the street Anastazy Pankiewicz. Several-storied building next to it contains the Bernards monastery, and the Bernardine Catholic school. Art polychrome made Zygm ...

Church of the Holiest Saviour

The Church of the Holy Saviour is a Roman Catholic parish Church in the śródmieście district of Warsaw, Poland. It is located on the square of the Savior.

St Anthonys parish, Clontarf (Roman Catholic)

The parish was founded in 1966 when it separated from the historic parish of Clontarf, now known as St. Johns, Clontarf. The arrival of the Fingal South East deanery of the Roman Catholic diocese of Dublin.

St Johns parish, Clontarf (Roman Catholic)

The parish was founded in 1966, when in other parts of the historic parish of Clontarf was divided, becoming Anthonys parish, Clontarf and also the parish Gabriel, Dollymount. The arrival of the Fingal South East deanery of the Roman Catholic dio ...

Holy Cross Church, Wrzesnia

Holy cross Church, Września - wooden Church in North-Western part of Września, Poland, located in Lipowka district, on Swietojanska street, near reservoir Wrzesnica. The Church was protected as a monument of greater Poland - resolution No. 2293 / A.

Minden Cathedral

Menginskogo Cathedral, dedicated to saints Gorgonius and Peter, is the Roman Catholic Church in Minden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. From the year 803 ad, when the territory was annexed by Charlemagne, he was the center of a diocese and subse ...

Saint Gangolfs Church (Trier)

The Church Gangolfs the Holy Roman Catholic Church in Trier, Germany. It is dedicated to St. Gangulphus. After the Cathedral of Trier, it is the second oldest Church building in the city.

St. Anthonys Church, Lodz-Lagiewniki

St. Anthony of Padua Church in łódź-łagiewniki - Baroque Franciscan parish Church, built in the first half of the 18th century, located in łódź-łagiewniki. Since 1946 it belongs - along with the monastery - on the historic buildings of łódź.

St. Barbaras Church, Warsaw

The origins of the Church date back to 1781, when he was a small chapel erected in the cemetery of the Holy cross. In 1866 the cemetery the Church was converted into a parish Church. The surroundings of the small Church rapidly developed in the s ...

St. Marys Church, Helminghausen

St Marys is the name of the Catholic Church of the German town helminghausen, so, Marsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It was founded in 1906 / 07.

St. Nicholas Church, Wszemborz

Church. Nicholas Wszemborz brick Roman Catholic Church located in the village Wszemborz in gmina Kolaczkowo, greater Poland Voivodeship. It is the parish Church.

Szczyrzyc Abbey

Abbey sisize is the Cistercian Abbey founded in 1234 in the village of szczyrzyc, Poland. He continues to function as a monastery and is one of the Polish shrines to the virgin Mary.

Iglesia de Santa Maria del Rosario

He built between 1760 and 1766 and is the name given to Obispo Espada:" the Cathedral of the fields of Cuba”. It was declared in two cases in 1946 and 1984, a National monument. She has an altar in the Baroque style of wonderful beauty, comparabl ...

Christ the King Church, Nuuk

Christ the King Roman Catholic Church in the city of Nuuk, capital of Greenland. It is the only Catholic Church in Greenland. The Church adheres to the Roman or Latin rite and is under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic diocese of Copenhagen. ...

St. Patricks Church, Carriacou

St. Patricks Church is a religious building belonging to the Catholic Church and is located in Hillsborough, the main town of the island of Carriacou, the largest and most populated on the Islands of the Grenadines centre, which is part of Grenad ...

Iglesia de Santa Barbara (Santa Rosalia)

Iglesia de Santa bárbara is a prefabricated iron Church in Santa Rosalia, Baja California sur, Mexico. He said falsely, developed by Alexander-Gustave Eiffel in 1884 and built in 1887. First shown at the world exhibition of 1889 in Paris, France, ...

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