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Wajid, Somalia

Wajid is located approximately 302 kilometres 188 mi northwest of the national capital Mogadishu, 78 kilometres 48 mi southwest of Hudur, and 69 kilometres 43 mi southeast of the Somalia-Ethiopia border. In March 2014, Somali Armed Forces assiste ...


Bargal is situated in the mountainous Bari province of the autonomous Puntland state. It serves as the center of the Bargal District. A coastal town, Bargal faces the Guardafui Channel in the Indian Ocean. It lies 26 nautical miles 30 miles north ...


Hafun is a town in the northeastern Bari province of Somalia. Situated in Ras Hafun on the coast of the Guardafui Channel, it is the centre of the Hafun District, and the easternmost town in continental Africa. It is an ancient town previously kn ...


Qardho, also known as Gardo, is a city in the northeastern Bari region of Somalia. Part of the autonomous Puntland state, it is the center of the Qardho District.


The settlement is situated near the border with the Sanaag region, just off the road between Bosaso and Iskushuban in the desert foothills on the south side of the Ahl Mescat Mountains.


Awdiinle is a village in the Baidoa District, Bay Region, Somalia. It is situated 25 km west of Baidoa on the main road from Baidoa to Luuq in the Gedo Region.population 339 Households


Baidoa (Somali: Baydhabo ; is capital in the southwestern Bay region of Somalia. During the Middle Ages, Baidoa and its surrounding area was part of the Ajuran Sultanate. In 2005, the Transitional Federal Government established temporary headquar ...


Burhakaba is a town located in the Bay region in Somalia. The town is named after a large mountain located at the center of the city.

Buur Heybe

Buur Heybe is a small village in the southern Bay province of Somalia. It is the largest of several granitic inselbergs in the regions Doi belt.


The settlement was founded in 1805, when a group of nomads constructed a water well near a mountain area called Bug. It is the fourth largest city in the Bay province. Founder of Diinsoor is Dhuroow Roobow Dinsoor has one local airport, Diinsoor ...


Sarinley is a small town north west of Bardera in Gedo region in Somalia. The town lies about 7 km west of Jubba River on the road to Garbahaarreey.


The settlement was founded in the early 1950s by Somali nomads from the larger region. Dhamasa is bordered by Beledhawo, Baardheere and Ceelwaaq. The town has an estimated population of around 27.000 residents. Its municipal government is led by ...


Garbahare is the capital of Gedo, an administrative region in southern Somalia inhabited primarily by the Marehan.


Kurmaan is a town in the Gedo region of Somalia. Located in the southwestern part of the country, the town starts just east of Bardera, with Kurman Creek serving as the dividing line between Bardera and Kurman. Kurman lies just west of the Barder ...


Beledweyne is a city in central Somalia. Located in the Beledweyne District, it is the capital of the Hiiraan province. The town is situated in the Shebelle Valley near the Ethiopia border, some 210 miles 345 km north of Mogadishu. Beledweyne is ...


Buloburde is situated along the Shabelle River, near Jalalaqsi. It is the center of the Buloburde District, and the second largest town in Hiran after the provincial capital Beledweyne. In March 2014, Somali Armed Forces, assisted by AMISOM troop ...


Afmadow is a city in southern Somalia, located in the middle of the Juba region and bordered by Kenya, Badhadhe, Kismayo, Jamame, Jilib, Hagar, Bardhere and Elwaq in Somalia, 401 km southwest of the capital Mogadishu. It is home to a wide variety ...


Genale is a town founded by Italian colonists in the southeastern Lower Shebelle region of Italian Somalia. Actually it is called Janaale.


Janale was created in 1924 by a group of settlers from the Italian city of Torino, with the name Genale. This started the Italian colonization of the area of Genale, in southern Somalia, with a group of small and medium-sized farms. Most settlers ...

Villaggio Duca degli Abruzzi

The famous Duca degli Abruzzi, a senior member of the Italian Royal Family, created the village in 1920 and raised funds for a number of development projects in this agricultural place, including roads, dams, schools, hospitals, a church and a mo ...

Vittorio di Africa

Vittorio di Africa was a small town in southern Italian Somalia, created by Italian colonists in the late 1920s near the southern Shebelle river.


Wanlaweyn is a City in the coastal southeastern Lower Shebelle region of Somalia. Situated around 50 miles northwest of the capital Mogadishu, it is the center of the Wanlaweyn District.


Jilib is a town in Somalia, It is 112KM south to Kismaayo Jilib is mainly inhabited by Harti clan and small number of Other Somalis.

Balad, Somalia

Balad District is one of the districts of Middle Shabelle region of Somalia. It is located about 36 kilometers northeast of the capital city of Mogadishu.


Jowhar is the capital city of Hirshabelle state of Somalia. Jowhar is also the administrative capital of Middle Shabelle region of Somalia. Along with Baidoa, it used to form the joint administrative capital of the Transitional Federal Government ...


Bacadweyne is a city located in the municipality of Bacadweyne sub district in the Mudug region of Somalia. It is situated in the Hobyo District. Bacadweyne City is an ancient city well known for Islamic education, business, and the production of ...


Galdogob, also spelled Galdogob, is a town wholly administered by the semi-autonomous Puntland State of Somalia, and serves as the capital of the Galdogob District within the Mudug province. The town technically straddles the disputed 1950s-era P ...


Harfo is a town in the north-central Mudug region of Somalia. Harfo used to be known, and is still popularly known as Buuro Qab


Heded is a village in the Jariban District, Mudug region, Puntland, north-central Somalia. The village lies in an arid landscape with sparse and scattered vegetation. There are no proper road connections, but vehicle tracks lead from the village ...


Tawfiiq, also known as Towfiiq, is a town in the north-central Mudug region of Somalia. It lies beyond the Golol valley, 160 km northeast of the provincial capital of Galkayo.


Burtinle is the center of the Burtinle District. It lies between Galkayo and Garoowe, close to the border with Ethiopia. Originally sparsely inhabited, it is one of the faster-growing settlements in the province.

Badhan, Sanaag

Badhan, also known as Baran is a town in the Sanaag administrative region of northern Somalia, within the autonomous region of Somaliland.


The Erigavo settlement is several centuries old. The surrounding area and the city was reported to be built by the Madigan Dir. It lies approximately 180 km from Badhan, the third biggest city in the region to the east. The general area is noted ...


Hadaftimo is an historic town in the northern Sanaag region of Somaliland. It is home to several archaeological sites and ancient buildings.


According to Augustus Henry Keane, Maydh represents an early center of dispersal of the Somali people. National genealogies collected by the scholars Cox and Abud assert that many clan patriarchs are buried in or nearby the town. The city of Mayd ...


Midhisho is known for its abundance of water, frankincense and fertile land. It is located in northeast of Erigavo city and most of its residents are primarily farmers.


Mindigale was previously a part of Maakhir state. In January 2009, the territory was officially incorporated into the autonomous Puntland region in the northeastern part of the country. Local control is disputed between Puntland, Somaliland, a se ...


Boame is an ancient town in the eastern Sool region of Somalia. It is the capital of Boame district which includes the small towns of Karin-gorfood, Fardhidin, Dan-Gudban, Caleeli, Buura-wadal and Garaca Dacare and Biriqodayaga. Boame is a commer ...

Kalabaydh, Sool

Kalabaydh has a number of academic institutions. According to the Puntland Ministry of Education, there are 8 primary schools in the Kalabaydh District. Among these are Kalabayr Primary, Saaxdheer, Xidh-Xidh and Qorilay. Secondary schools in the ...

Las Anod

Las Anod is the administrative capital of the Sool region of the self-declared Republic of Somaliland. The city is also claimed by Somalia.


Taleh is a historical town in the eastern Sool region of Somaliland. It served as the headquarters of the pre-independence Dervish State. The town is sometimes referred to as the "Sayyids capital" or "Mullahs capital" referring to the founder of ...

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