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Brothers Stoney

Brothers Stoney is an Australian hip hop group hailing from Brisbane, Queensland. The crew comprises emcees Lazy Grey and Len One. Both Lazy Grey and Len One are members of the Brisbane hip hop crew, 750 Rebels.


Diafrix are an Australian hip hop duo, Azmarino and Momo, which formed in 2001. Their music mixes funk, soul, reggae and dancehall.

Kookies N Kream

Kookies N Kream is an Australian Hip-Hop Dance Crew. Best known for placing sixth in Season 6 of Australias Got Talent in 2012. They were initially formed by Jet Valencia in 2009 who recruited Glen Gaspi, Natasha Pinto, Kimberly Grana, Dylan Elul ...

Mighty Big Crime

Mighty Big Crime were an early Australian hip hop duo, formed in 1986 by Tricky J and Gumpy. They released one of the first hip hop recordings in that country with "16 Tons", a cover version of Merle Travis country music song, "Sixteen Tons". The ...

Milwaukee Banks

Milwaukee Banks are an electronic hip-hop duo from Melbourne, Australia. The members are Edo and Dyl Thomas.They emerged in late 2013 with the release of their first song, Pluto Bounce, which premiered on Interview Magazine. In 2014, the group wa ...

Mnemonic Ascent

Mnemonic Ascent is an Australian hip hop group made up of BVA, and Raph Boogie from Adelaide with DJ Ransom from Melbourne. They release their albums through Raph Boogies Crookneck Records.

Space Invadas

Space Invadas is an Australian hip-hop duo made up of Katalyst and Steve Spacek. Their album, Soul:Fi, was nominated at the ARIA Music Awards of 2010 for Best Urban Album. It peaked at No. 20 on the ARIA Hitseekers Albums chart.

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